Henry Gibbs

Job Title: 
Weatherization Technician
New England Conservation Services

I grew up here in New Haven. I have experience in construction, and I’ve been a theater manager, at the Criterion downtown. I also did sales, and a little auto mechanics here and there. I was out of work for about six months and it was terrifying.

I found a New Haven Works postcard. Literally found it on the street, and I picked it up and I said “Oh, well why not. Let’s give ‘em a call.” Two days later, I went to get an overview of the program, and I felt like this could be my chance to not only get a job, but be positive about the job

I went to the orientation and my spirits went up when they took a look at my resume and they said, “You have a good resume, but we want you to write it down in this format.” I did it that way, and two weeks later, I got a job.

I’m in love with this job so much that in ten years I hope to still be here. Hopefully I can help them run more efficiently, help them grow. The guys that work here are wonderful. We’re all about the common goal of getting the job done, getting it done efficiently, and making sure it’s done correctly.