Josue Rodriguez

Job Title: 
Graphic / Web Assistant
Yale ITS - CCT UX & Web Services

Growing up in New Haven, I never imagined working at Yale. You know when you think you want to buy a car, you never right off the bat think you’re going to drive the Mercedes. You think “I want a Mercedes, but I can’t really afford it, so I’ll just get a Toyota.” To me, I always thought of working at Yale like that. It’s so difficult to get into. Before [coming to] New Haven Works, I probably applied to Yale seven times.

The difference New Haven Works makes is that there are actually people paying attention. It’s about having someone who cares.

At ITS, they were surprised that I knew so much, that I was still on the market, and that I was able to pick up [the skills] so quickly.

I work on the Web team in ITS. My primary job is managing the forum questions. I also do web development for other projects. Whatever comes to me, I do it!

Ideally, I want to finish my degree. I want to lead by example for my daughters.