Osikhena Awudu

Job Title: 
Senior Administrative Assistant
Yale Law School

The 75-mile round-trip commute between my New Haven home and my former job in Hartford took a huge toll on me. For years, I was unable to find a job in New Haven. I applied to many companies and institutions, including Yale.

I learned about the New Haven Works and signed-up. I was optimistic about the opportunities that would result, but I could not have predicted how different New Haven Works would be from a job agency. I recall telling a volunteer job coach during the initial orientation session that although my background is in law, I would be open to any type of position at Yale. She told me that one of the goals of New Haven Works is to match up skilled local residents with the right jobs for them, and that I should not have to settle for less. Such an ideal is the stuff of careers, not just jobs.

My position at the Yale Law School has exposed me to a professional community of supportive and dedicated co-workers as well as opportunities for career advancement. Living and working in New Haven has enabled me to spend more time with my family as well as increase my interaction and involvement in the New Haven community.