Pat Brooks

Job Title: 
Poll Interviewer
Quinnipiac Polling Institute

I am 66 years old and I have many backgrounds. Typist, clerk, administrative assistant, receptionist, and I have been turned down on all of these jobs,. But I’m looking to a brighter future. I’m going to school to get my second master’s degree.

There’s nothing like New Haven Works. With the staff, you’re not a number. They are compassionate and they understand your circumstance. You’re not looked down on.

Thanks to New Haven Works, I got a part-time job at Quinnipiac University as a poll interviewer. In the next couple of months I will get a full-time job as an administrative assistant.

I’ve been part of the community for a long time. I know a lot of people in my position—unemployed because of all kinds of obstacles. For New Haven Works to come in and understand this situation—it’s just wonderful.

I want a better life for myself. I want to be able to provide for myself and feel part of the community. I want to give back.