Reynaldo Perez

Job Title: 
IT Help Desk Apprentice
Yale University

I’m from Nicaragua, where I started as a computer engineer. I was also a teacher at the university. That’s what I was doing before I came to this country. I came to the US thirteen years ago. I have three kids and they are still in Nicaragua. I am working to bring them here. My little one was one year old when I left.

I had some good opportunities, but I didn’t have my green card. For twelve years, I just worked in a factory. I had no choice. When I finally got my green card, I started working at New Haven Adult Education Center where I was already helping as a volunteer. I still have that job, but it’s part time. I need a full time job.

I’ve always loved working with computers. I don’t feel like I’m working when I am around them. I used to tell my wife “I don’t like to work.” And she would say “but you’re working all the time on the computer!” and I would say “That’s not work for me! I enjoy doing that!”

Yale is a great opportunity. I think this internship is going to help me. I can say I did an internship at Yale University. Maybe they will need someone in an IT job at another part of Yale, and I know they come first to New Haven Works.