Tony Fortes

Job Title: 
Weatherization Technician
New England Conservation Services

When my last employer had to lay me off, he gave me a great letter of recommendation and told me about New Haven Works. I  went to the orientation, and it was nothing but brightness and hope.

I was out of work for five months but I wasn’t desperate. I had great people behind me.

I grew up here in New Haven. I graduated from Hillhouse and went to college on a football scholarship. I came back and I’ve been coaching youth football here for fifteen years.  Everything for me is New Haven-based. It’s my home.

My goals are to keep growing, to learn everything I can learn here, and get a BPI license. I want to stick with this company and try to help them grow. I enjoy waking up and coming here to go to work.

New Haven Works kept the hope alive for me. When I went down there,  my head was hanging down, and when I left, my head was up and I was feeling good about myself.

When I didn’t have transportation, they gave me a bus pass. Nobody ever gave me anything. For them to give me a bus pass to get back and forth to work—it meant that they really cared.