Boris Sigal

Director of Business Development
Boris comes to New Haven Works with a particular focus on building closer relationships with the regional business community, making sure that the services offered by New Haven Works makes hiring qualified New Haven residents as easy as possible for local businesses. He’s committed to making sure that New Haven growth translates into opportunities for local residents and businesses.
Boris has extensive experience building capacity for early stage organizations. Before coming to New Haven in 2012, he served as the Director of Finance and Operations at Groundswell, a social enterprise in Washington DC focused on the intersection of energy and community economic development. There he was responsible for developing and executing the business strategy for the organization. 
Boris completed his MBA at the Yale School of Management in 2014. Over the last year, he has worked closely with Yale University, the City of New Haven and the business development community on strategies to increase the participation of local businesses in the supply chains of New Haven’s large institutions and businesses. 
Boris lives in Downtown New Haven with his wife and particularly enjoys his six minute walk to work. #gscia