Jorge L. Perez

Jorge L. Perez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962 and came to the United States in January 1971 with his family.  After living in the Bronx, New York for approximately five years the Perez family settled in New Haven in 1976 where Jorge has been an essential part of the Hill Community now for over thirty five-years.  He graduated from Richard C. Lee High School in 1981 and received a Cum Laude diploma from the University of New Haven in 1985 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting.  In 1987 Jorge was elected to the Board of Aldermen of the City of New Haven representing the 5th Ward in the Hill neighborhood.  During that time Jorge has served as President of the Board of  Alderman (from 2000 to 2006, and January 2012 to the present), on the Board of Finance, for ten years as Chairman of the Finance Committee  and on numerous other Committees including President of the Board of Alderman Black & Hispanic Caucus (from 2006 to 2011).  As Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board he played an integral part in assisting the City in recovering from a negative $14+ million fund balance to a $10+ million positive fund balance in three years as well as increasing the tax collection rate.  With his vast experience and leadership Jorge has played a major role on many issues that has contributed to the renaissance of the City of New Haven.  He initiated the City of New Haven’s Fire Cadet Program, he was one of the original proponents of the Community Benefits legislation, he established an ad hoc committee on affordable housing initiatives, he was the proponent to revise and improve the City’s Ethic ordinance, advocated for school reform and addressing the achievement gap before many other public official decided to join the effort and he has supported various other initiatives around youth services, and social justice issues.
In addition to his work as Alderman, Jorge has sat on the Boards of Community Action Agency and Habitat for Humanity where he served as Treasurer for both institutions, the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, and the Board of Directors of the Hill Development Corporation of New Haven where he served as Chairman of the Special Projects Committee.  In his capacity as Chairman of the Special Projects Committee Jorge was instrumental in the planning and structuring several development deals including a 65 unit rental project that was developed utilizing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. 
Currently Jorge is employed by The Bank of Southern Connecticut as Vice President Commercial Lending.  Prior to working for The Bank of Southern Connecticut Jorge was with Sovereign Bank New England who purchased several branches of the BankBoston/Fleet merger where Jorge had worked for approximately twelve years.
Jorge resides in New Haven’s Hill neighborhood with his wife Gloria and his daughter Lynette who is a sophomore at Yale University.  Jorge and Gloria Perez have been married for twenty-six years.