Tyra Stanley

Job Coach
Tyra was born and raised in New Haven, growing up in Newhallville then moving to the Hill for 
her teenage years.  Tyra began working at Science Park during high school, after which she 
attended South Central Community College, now known as Gateway College.  Tyra later earned 
her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with concentrations in Human Resources, 
International Business and Marketing Management.
During the last fifteen years Tyra worked for the New Haven Job Corps in almost every 
department - Procurement, Admissions, Social Development, Community Outreach, and Career 
Transition.  Tyra has experience creating and executing strategies, building community 
relationships, and developing partnerships.
Tyra lives in the Whalley Avenue area of New Haven and brings with her a passion for New 
Haven Works’ mission.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.